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Information Systems Engineering

Michito Matsumoto
Michito Matsumoto, Professor WEB
  • Ubiquitous networks
  • Disability support systems
  • Geographic information systems

Tomoji Toriyama
Tomoji Toriyama, ProfessorWEB
  • Interaction systems
  • Ubiquitous information systems
  • Media communication human interfaces

Hideaki Touyama
Hideaki Touyama, Professor WEB
  • Bio-information engineering
  • Human interface

Takeshi Iwamoto
Takeshi Iwamoto, Associate ProfessorWEB
  • Ubiquitous applications
  • Indoor positioning

Shoryu Ataka
Shoryu Ataka, Associate ProfessorWEB
  • Information science
  • Information and Knowledge
  • Biomolecular structural chemistry

Takayuki Nakata
Takayuki Nakata, Associate ProfessorWEB
  • 3D image processing: sampling, recognition, display

Akira Urashima
Akira Urashima, Associate ProfessorWEB
  • Sensor-based systems
  • Imaging systems (Aurora tomography)

Isao Nishihara
Isao Nishihara, Assistant Professor WEB
  • Video processing
  • Human interface
  • Multimedia

Department of Information Systems Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Toyama Prefectural University